shows & press


Homo Tempus, solo show, MUD* - Muzeum umeni a designu Benesov, CZ


"The Painter & The Thief", solo show, Galerie MIRO, Prague, CZ (cataloque pdf here)

"Beyond Charity Art Auction", group show - art auction, Schafteløkken, Oslo, Norway

"Erotica: The Art of Love, Nature and Dick Drawings", group show, Blank Space, Oslo, Norway

"Caught In The Air", pop-up solo show, Nova galerie, Prague, CZ


"Stigma", pop-up solo show, Månefisken, Oslo, Norway


"Všichni svatí" , group show, Nová galerie, Prague, Czech republic  (CZ TV reportage)

Aftenposten article  12/6/2016

"Fragments Of Broken Season" , group show, Hilbert Raum, Berlin, Germany

"Barbar og Per Lundgren - møte mellom to klassike malere", group show, Galleri Nobel, Oslo, Norway


"Nasjonens Mødre" (Mothers of The Nation), a project of Barbar Stahl, Det gamle Kunstakademiet, Oslo, Norway

"PUSHWAGNER 75" , Window Box Galleri by Galleri Pushwagner, Oslo, Norway

"20 år Jubileumsutstilling", group show, Galleri Nobel, Oslo, Norway


"RITE" , solo show, Kongens gate 9, Oslo, Norway

article at the Norwegian art magazine KUNST nr. 5/2014 and


"Dream and Reality", group show, Michael Haas Galerie at Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

"22:22", group show, Chemistry Gallery, Prague, Czech republic ( CZ TV reportage )

"On-Looking", group show, Kunsthalle Galapagos, New York, USA



"Club of Queer Trades", group show, Batagianni Gallery, Athens, Greece



"Thou art", solo show, Miro Gallery, Prague ( CZ TV reportage )

"Bulbus Oculi-My Precious", group show, Kunstruimte deWillem3, Vlissingen, Netherlands

"Tape Modern #23; Curators Choice", group show, Tape Art Space, Berlin, Germany

"Existenzen", group show, Vierter Stock Galerie, Berlin, Germany




"Waking the Dead", group show, Autocenter Art Space, Berlin, Germany

"Dream and Reality", group show, Miro Gallery, Prague, Czech republic



"Lavoratore", solo show, Vierter Stock Galerie, Berlin, Germany