art robbery in oslo

In April 20th 2015 two of my large paintings got stolen from Galleri Nobel in the city center of  Oslo .

The stolen works are: "Chloe & Emma" ; oil on canvas ; size 150 x 230 cm and "Swan Song" ; oil on canvas ; 200 x 140 cm.

Any information that can lead to track down the paintings is mostly welcome.

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May 2016

It has been one year since my two paintings were stolen from Oslo's Galleri Nobel. Since then few things have happened.

Two thieves were identified, one of them made it to the court in November. So did I.

The two paintings are God-knows-where, remaining lost.

As an artist I felt sort of obligation to continue the story. Got to know the one thief, and started to turn him into a painting.

On his wish, titled "Decent Criminal (Snitchers Are A Dying Breed)"; 100 x 140 cm; oil on canvas.

Quite interesting fellowship has started...

June 2016

Aftenposten presenting the story of art&crime.

Summer 2016


Bertil starts to come over to my atelier for a chitchat once in a while, always with a coffee for me in his hand. The more we talk, the more I want to know. The more I get to know him, the more I need to paint him. Paint him more. This is how I found a friend. And a Muse.


Around that time a Norwegian documentary film maker Benjamin Ree started to follow Bertil’s & mine lives and our story. With a camera.



December 2019


Three years of Benjamin filming our story result in a feature documentary “The Painter and the Thief”.

Accepted to World Documentary Competition at Sundance 2020 film festival.



January 2020


Off to Sundance with The Painter and the Thief.

Sadly, without “my thief”, Bertil, whose noneA4 past didn’t give him a chance to cross US border.

The film has moved so many people. Some of them approached me, expressed their gratitude for sharing our story, for opening up, for having our ups’n’downs exposed. And I want to thank to all of you, who have seen the movie and expressed your feelings to Bertil and me. It simply pays off to remove any prejudices, stigmatizing thoughts and approach each other as human to human. As one lady said after the world premiere of the movie, we all have our stories, good and bad. Indeed.



February 2020 and on


Sundance Film Festival has awarded the film with Special Jury Award for Creative Storytelling.

Insane amount of international film awards have kept rolling in. And media didn't wanna stay behind.

Hm, so Bertil & I thought, why not?

Ah, and we even got our Wiki page.


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